How to restore libido after childbirth?

There is no magic pill here – you need to fine-tune the physical and emotional state of the mother.

– Start with touch. Kisses, hugs, massages throughout the day are a great way to reconnect with your partner. Explain to him that all this does not have to end with sex.

– Ask for help with the baby. Most new mothers agree that nothing contributes to the return of libido like a couple of hours in silence – preferably every day.

– Get some sleep. Lack of sleep is the main enemy of sex. Try to find a way that works specifically for your family: co-sleeping or separate sleeping, delegating nightly diaper changes and early rises to dad, daytime naps with your baby.

– Study your body. Many women note that after giving birth, their sex life has become much more interesting, and their orgasms have become brighter. You just need to pick up the key. Masturbate, try different toys (after consulting a gynecologist). Body practices work well: for example, yoga or massage.

– Don’t be afraid of the doctor. Often the problem of low libido can be solved with a course of vitamins or work with a psychotherapist.

– Don’t be too hard on yourself. Let your girlfriend’s libido return already in the hospital – you have your own pace, and your body is unique.